rise kombucha rose

We all know how important probiotics are for our GUT.  To get the full story, see an earlier MCC post: PROBIOTICS AND YOUR GUT

Outside of yogurt, most people have no clue how to get probiotics into their daily diet.  With the warm weather here, and the obsession to find that perfect summer drink, MCC has the solution to quench that thirst and make your gut happy at the same time.  The MCC product of the month is RISE – Kombucha Tea drinks.

These drinks are flying off the shelves of most health food stores, because they pack nutrition and taste great.  Let’s first highlight their nutrition: it’s loaded with polyphenols, that’s the amazing antioxidant found in green tea, kombucha has hundreds of microorganisms that aids your digestion as well as enzymes that help the body break down fats, carbs and proteins.  Now let’s talk taste: the natural organic acids give it that sour taste, that makes you feel like you are drinking a carbonated beverage, and it mixes well in summer cocktails.  To get the full story on RISE, check them out here: RISE KOMBUCHA TEA

Currently sold at Whole Foods in Oakville