It seems like everywhere you look there is something sugary at your finger tips (white bread, pop, candy, pastries, chocolate etc) making it hard to ignore the urge to eat something sweet. Remember back when you were small how alluring lollypops and gummy bears were? What about birthday cake or brownies? As a child we are taught that these are ‘treats,’ our parents gave them to us on occasion for doing a good job or as part of a celebration.  As adults, we continue to indulge in these ‘treats’ only we don’t have a parent to watch out for us by limiting our intake. I know what you’re thinking – just one bite won’t hurt but if your goal is weight loss or to regain your health that one bite will likely throw off your good intentions. Try to think of sugar like you would any other addiction – the longer you stay off it, the less likely you will crave it. The less you crave it the easier it will be to stay on program on days when you may be faced with temptation.

How does sugar cause weight gain?

When you consume sugar it is absorbed quickly in your blood, which raises your blood sugar level – when your blood sugar level rises, your body increases the hormone insulin to compensate, which among other things is responsible for fat storage. Not to mention, consuming refined sugar alone does not provide your body with any vitamins or minerals. In fact, when you consume sugar your body uses vitamins and minerals to ensure it is digested properly.

What can you do to ‘Say no to Sugar’

  • Use the day three worksheet to help identify your junk-food habits. Habits are sometime hard to identify and even harder to control. By identifying you habit and changing your junk-food into an ‘occasional item” you gain your control back
  • When you crave something sweet, try a healthy substitute such as a stick of gum or herbal tea
  • Avoid aerated beverages. A 12 oz, or 400ml, can of pop has eight teaspoons of sugar
  • Walk Away – when a sugar craving hits, distract yourself by taking a quick walk, calling a friend, find a way to focus on something else

Remember you aren’t alone, sugar is a battle we all face everyday – try talking to a friend or coworker to see what they do to Say No to Sugar.