The summer season is probably the hardest season to stick to your diet plan. We spend all winter practicing, preparing and getting to our goals – and now it’s like we are put right back at the beginning of the race and told to do it all over again, but this time with a few more obstacles like BBQ’s, birthday parties, cottage weekends, ohh and WINE.

If you want to stay on track with your goals AND enjoy your summer indulgences don’t worry so much, loosen up a little!

Research shows that people who stick to a plan 100% and do not budge have a higher chance of regaining the weight that they have lost back as opposed to those who allow for a little more balance. Why? Because usually people who see things in life with an “all-or-nothing” approach see their diet slips as a failure and give up. Most of the time, I hear from people that they can’t re-start their diet until they can be perfect.

It’s so important to have a balance when it comes to your diet and allow for these “extra’s” at times so you do not feel deprived. But before you dive into your next bottle of wine because I said you should not feel deprived, there are 4 rules I want you to follow.

  1. Be MINDFUL of all your choices, some are better than others – If you are going to enjoy an ice cream cone with your kids after their soccer game. Instead of ordering a large peanut buster parfait, a small vanilla scoop in a cup could be the better option.
  2. Be ASSERTIVE – How often do you say “yes” when you really want to say “no”. You don’t have to be a people pleaser all the time.
  3. BALANCE your meals by following the 80/20 rule. Allow yourself that glass of wine, ice cream or pie this week, but balance the remainder of your week to make sure you are making healthier choices the majority of the time.
  4. Don’t be a PERFECTIONIST – your weight loss journey should not be all-or-nothing. Just because you have slipped up on one meal doesn’t mean the rest of the day is a right-off. There is no time during a meal at which it is too late to stop. Having some control is better than none at all!

This is a great time of year to learn more about how your emotional and environment plays a role in your food choices. The Craving Change program provides a guided workbook to help you understand why you eat the way you do and teaches you how to comfort yourself without food. If you are looking for a how to guide for changing your relationship with food ask the MCC nutrition team more about how to add the Craving Change program to your current nutrition plan!