When we think of power powders – the first that comes to mind is protein powder – but step aside muscle juice – there are a whole line of super powders that are making their way into mainstream eating and for good reason.

Powders are beyond convenient for the busy lifestyle – and preach wholistic health by offering more than just a one stream vitamin.  A superfood powder is raw, natural, nutritional goodness ground into perfectly palatable powders that can be added to juice, smoothies, soups, sauces, yogurt, ice cream and even baked goods.

It is impossible for one to hit all the daily nutrient guidelines for health – one would have to consume 3000 kcal of healthy foods.  Powders are your cheat system, for instance one tbsp of a green power is equivalent to 10 batches of kale!  Superfood powders also have the highest ORAC read – this is Antioxidant values in food and beverage – and it’s pretty straight forward – – the higher the ORAC read – – the more nutrient dense a food is.

The list of superfood powders is a long one – MCC has put together our top 5 favorite and easy to use super powders…

#1 Collagen – the new addition to a coffee – collagen promotes skin and bone elasticity

#2 Tumeric – bright coloured powder – part of the ginger family – that reduces inflammation, beyond food, turmeric is often made into paste for skin support blends.

#3 Spiralina – algae nutrient that not only provides a full spectrum of nutrients, but also a great vegetarian source of protein.

#4 Cocoa – the heart powder!  Not only great tasting, cocoa is full of heart healthy flavonols, plus a great source of magnesium

#5 Acai – bright in colour and relative to blueberries, this tart tasting nutrient is extremely high in antioxidants – keeping your cells youthful and strong.

For simple ideas on how to add superfood powders to your meal plan – check out this months meal ideas for 3 great HOT SMOOTHIE ideas.