The word KETO has been flying around lately, it’s all over google, diet ads and even plastered on food products.  You can get keto bread, crackers and cereals!  What is Keto, more specifically the ketogenic diet?

Ketosis occurs when the liver breaks down fat into fatty acids and glycerol.  Rather than drawing energy from glucose, a person in ketosis stays fueled off of these circulating ketones or ketone bodies — essentially, burning fat for fuel. This is the principal goal of the ketogenic diet, which can be achieved by adhering to a very low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet.  Done correctly, the keto diet can: curbed hunger and faster weight loss, improved blood sugar regulation, enhanced cognitive performance, better mental focus, less chance of inflammation, and reduce your risk for conditions like type II diabetes.

The first question is…Is this diet safe to do?  The answer is tricky, the diet can be safe.  First, ensure that you supplement with nutrition elements that are absent during your diet duration. When the body enters ketosis it may lose many electrolytes that are vital to your daily function.  This diet starts off rocky for many as they move into a carbohydrate adaption phase, but can get very simple once the body adjusts to the lack of carbohydrates and the draw from fat.  As always check with your doctor prior to starting a new diet plan, this diet is not recommended for those that are pregnant or lactating, colitis or chrohns, diabetes or any disease of the liver, kidney, and pancreas.

Does this diet plan work?  like all diet plans, they can and cannot work, most of the time it depends on the participant’s willingness to commit to the program – what point are they at in their life, is it a good time, are they situations that might derail their success…The keto diet has some short falls – keeping your carbohydrates super low is not conducive to our current lifestyle – carbs are every and they are quick to pick up and eat on the go.  Eating very low carbs means that you will need to prepare your food so that you do not depend on the current societies grab and go food culture.  On the upside, if done correctly this diet will build momentum the longer you do it, as the body moves into a state of keto-adaptation.  You will reach a point that you no longer crave carbs and can stick to the dietary pattern.

How do you make sure the program works correctly for you?  Make sure that you are in ketosis.  Purchase keto urine strips and check your urine daily.  Many people assume they are in ketosis but are not – this will allow you to see how many exact carbohydrates you need to get into KETO as the amount ranges from 5-10% of your total dietary consumption.  The one big challenge with this diet plan is that many will shy away from eating all the fat that is recommended to eat.  You need to ensure that you are getting all your calories, just from a different place, it sounds obsurd and the first time you eat a meal, you will think that it is laden with fat, but without that fat, you will hit a wall.

MCC KETO version now available – our team at MCC has reviewed many keto strategies and have created our own in house version.  Now available KETO BY MCC – this diet plan will teach you how to simplify the keto diet by giving you a daily meal plan that offers on the go options and easy meal plans.  We will be allowing members to try KETO BY MCC during our annual Lose a dress size challenge.  This 8 week challenge will be all about carbs – get off to a great start by starting with a two week KETO diet – and then transition nicely into a carb cycling program that will have you eating healthy during the holiday season, with chances to splurge here and there.  What a great way to get ready for the holiday season – drop 20 pounds and keep it off.

To sign up for the lose a dress challenge or to get your copy of KETO by MCC – call us at 905*825*3800