raw zucchiniWhy we like zucchini!

One medium zucchini has only 6g of carbohydrates! They are a good source of dietary fibre and an even better source of Vitamin C, A, B6 and B12.  Zucchini’s also contain magnesium, calcium and iron – Keep the peels on when eating this veg – it has the most nutrients.


How to buy zucchini

Smaller Zucchini are more tender and flavour filled. Look for the Zucchini with the brightest color and no skin damage.

How to use them

Eat them raw, grilled, baked, roasted, in replace of pasta (spaghetti or lasagna), or hidden in your favourite cookie, muffin or brownie recipe. Pair with a variety of seasonings; they taste great when cooked alongside basil, eggplant, lemon, tomatoes, mushrooms, parsley or thyme.

Did you know?!

Zucchini is a lunar food – so it is ruled by the moon! Because of this it has the ability to provide comfort. If you’ve had a bad day you may find yourself soothed and calmer because of your zucchini dinner…