The summer is here and the MCC Olympics are on their way. This popular event is not to be missed.  This is a FREE event with a donation (see below to MCC Olympics 2018 donation).  Here are the facts

  1. Open to all ACTIVE MCC MEMBERS
  2. Sign up in the month of July – and do this fast as we are limited to 30 spots, and it fills up quickly
  3. The event takes place on August 18 at 8:30 and runs for 2 hours
  4. This is a Saturday – so this day there will be no classes, but don’t worry you will get an awesome workout
  5. This is a TEAM event, once you register you can pick the team that you wish to be on – this is a group event not indiviudal
  6. Team captains are your MCC trainers!
  7. After the event, there are some prizes, as well as a healthy breakfast will be provided!

This year the MCC Olympics will be supporting one of our very own MCC members, Lawrence! He is our team captain for the Run For The Cure (happening on September 30th). To participate in the OLYMPICS, the event is free with a donation for the MCC Run For The Cure Team.  If you cannot make the OLYMPICS but still wish to make a donation towards a great cause please CLICK HERE

This event is happening right here at MCC!  Sign up at the front desk and we look forward to having a great day with all of you!