Starting Monday, April 2, join Olivia in the mcc studio for HIIT!  High Intensity Interval Training is a method incorporated into many of our functional fitness classes on a weekly basis and we’re bringing you this new class dedicated 100% to intervals!  Wonder why people are all over this type of workout?  Honestly – it’s fun, fast and effective.  Period.  We are busy, always struggling to find the time to exercise – no matter the reason.  If we can get a short workout in that actually works and even have fun doing it, that checks a lot of boxes!  Haven’t tried it yet?  Still wondering how a short workout could be just as good (or even better) than the long hours of cardio you’ve invested toward your fat burning goals?  Read on, my friends!

10 Ways HIIT Has the Advantage Over Traditional Steady-State Aerobic Exercise

  • More fat burning in less time (yes, please!)
  • Boosts HGH production
  • Rapid and significant improvement in insulin sensitivity
  • Trains all 3 muscle fiber types
  • Better improvement in heart health
  • Better improvement in VO2 max
  • More significant improvement in 7 major fitness and health variables (Count ’em:  Increased resting glycogen content, improved exercise performance,  better fat burning ability and reduced glycogen utilization, enhanced vascular structure and function, decreased lactate production (later onset of “the burn” associated with muscular fatigue), and increased VO2 max!)
  • Burns more calories post-workout
  • Takes less time
  • You’re more likely to stick with it!

Take a look at some numbers that research (actual, scientific, peer-reviewed journal research) has shown when comparing shorter, more intense workouts to longer, steady state cardio sessions:

  • subjects mixing sprints and jogging lost 3 times more lower body fat than a control group who jogged for 40 mins.
  • in another study, subjects did 3 x 20 minute interval training sessions (so a total of an hour per week) and the amount of fat they lost would have taken 5-7 hours a week of steady state jogging! 
  • even 3 minutes of short duration, high intensity interval training done once a week can improve insulin sensitivity by an astounding 24%.  This means that incorporating intervals can slow or prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes.  In class a while back, I mentioned the documentary I saw called “The Truth About Exercise”… In that documentary, the doctor who tested out a method of 3 x 10 second bouts of all-out effort done (for a total of 12 minutes during a MONTH period) showed significantly improved insulin sensitivity – stunning results for anyone and particularly for him as a pre-diabetic!

Ok, enough numbers.  You were probably ready to sign up for class the moment you saw the word HIIT because you’ve heard all about how awesome it is and you’re excited about a class built entirely out of intervals because you do HIIT in your other mcc classes and you want MORE!  It’s ideal for those of you who’ve already been exercising to kick it up a notch!  If you’re new to an exercise program, why not meet with one of our functional fitness instructors and they can suggest the smartest, safest and most effective way for YOU to get started!  We’re committed to supporting you and guiding you along your path to the best you EVER!