MCC is Expanding to serve you – with even more to offer!

Ten years ago, I opened the doors to a small office at Medical One and began to provide nutrition consulting for people looking to manage their health and lose weight.  Although my patients were successful, I knew nutrition alone was not enough to provide a balanced metabolic care solution.

After countless conversations, the importance of exercise was always argued with lack of time and lack of knowing what to do.  It was at that time that I decided to offer a platform for exercise that would compliment my nutrition values of SAFE, SIMPLE and SUCCESSFUL.  As exercise could certainly not be performed in my existing space, I decided another location was needed and MCC the clinic was born!

For the past 7 years, the MCC clinic has offered the BEST nutrition and exercise path for our members. We feel that our members are part of our family, and we’ve become true community of support and built many friendships – we are truly invested in your health.

Today, I am proud to announce that the MCC services are expanding! Starting in 2017 in addition to our current MCC programs, we are introducing:



We will be offering group and individual services to help you manage life, stress and your wellbeing.  Whatever your goal – it is essential to get the mind in the game.

MCC WELLNESS will include:

  • Yoga, Mat Class, Boxing, Zumba
  • Muscle Recovery, stretch and meditation
  • Reiki, Behavioural Therapy
  • STRESS stop: a new express concept of relaxation that takes minutes a day!
  • Wellness workshops: deep breathing, meditation and mindfulness.

In the weeks ahead, you will see a transformation of our existing space as we make room for these additional programmes for you. We will keep you updated on its progress and on the many programmes you might want to take advantage of – in the meantime…keep checking our social media outlets  FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM for updates.

Patsy Commisso