We all know the benefits of exercise: good for your heart, bones, muscles and every other part of your body.  Today we know that health is not just physical, it is important to nourish your mental health as well.  The act of exercise itself does have an impact on your mental health as it raises many “feel good” hormones and neurotransmitters, which will reduce anxiety and depression.   Place yourself in a group setting for exercise and the benefits explode beyond belief…

  1. Accountability: whether it’s a long time friend or someone you just met, knowing that someone else is counting on you to show up will drive you to go and perform the workout.  The biggest challenge of exercise is getting there, we go through countless internal dilemmas…”should we or shouldn’t we go workout”, knowing that others – trainer, participants – expect us to show up, we are more likely to go.
  2. Encouragement to push ourselves: we can only depend on ourselves to raise the intensity if we are working out alone, inject other people and all of a sudden we push a little harder, it is our human instinct to want to keep up, and eventually surpass those around us.
  3. Team & friendship: as a child, we all were part of team events, whether we played school or community sports.  As an adult, we tend to drop “team events” as we get caught up in our kids’ lives and the day to day grind of work and home life.  Being a member of group exercise means you are part of a team, and you can take it up a notch when that team goes out of their comfort zone and participates in larger team events like mud runs, CN tower climbs and local marathons.
  4. It’s fun!  You’ll laugh, you’ll sweat, you’ll work hard and in no time you’ll be finished and feeling ready to face the world. Whether it’s a heavy-duty boot camp or a brisk morning walk along the beach, it’s definitely more fun when you work out together!

This summer be part of the MCC family!

COFFEE SOCIAL – once a month MCC will be hosting FREE coffee break after a select workout.  Chat with other members, enjoy a coffee/or tea on us!

5th ANNUAL TEAM OLYMPICS – this summer MCC will put a spin on our Olympics…introducing TEAM OLYMPICS.  First, pick a team – second, train – third, compete.  Our Olympics is on SATURDAY 19th  RAIN OR SHINE.  On this day there will be no MCC classes or nutrition, just this GRAND event!  The event is FREE with a $5 donation for the Oakville Hospital.  We will be having food and drinks and we invite family and friends to cheer the event on!  For all the details, ask an MCC team member.

Bring a friend this summer!  Select classes, we will be offering you to bring a friend for free.  All exercise members will be allowed to bring one friend during the summer months. If your friend likes the program and wants to join, we will take care of the sign-up fee!  July and August only!  For more details ask an MCC team member.