For the month of May – we want to pay tribute to all the wonderful mom’s that have shaped who we are through their wisdom, their love and nurture!  As we embark on the quest for the perfect gift for mom- most of us can hear our mom’s say “my greatest gift is you – my child!”  This year – offer your mom the gift of longevity!  Help her move more, sleep better, feel less pain, and bring her health back to the driver’s seat of her life!

Here are MCC’s top 10 healthy gifts for moms

  1. Diffuser with some female soothing aroma therapy oils – I love frankincense – as it is the ultimate mood lifter.  Other great oils are lavender, lemon and wild orange
  2. Hydroflask water bottle – the most functional water bottle that keeps hot things hot for 12 hours and cold things cold for 24.
  3. Spoonk mat – I love this mat – it’s a great escape – simply lye on the mat or move with stretch and in 10 minutes you will feel 10 years younger.
  4. Jade roller – used in chinese skin care since the 7th century – this gadget not only feels great on the skin, it soothes, energizes the skin and offers healing properties.  MCC now offers JADE rolling in our Naturopathic covered rejuvenation facial.
  5. Best books – this could be an endless list – but I have narrowed it down to my top three for women #1 the how to live book…younger next year for women #2 the book to keep your mind off things…good vibes – enjoy the moment adult colour book #3 a good read The Joy Luck club
  6. Let her love her muscles – MCC offers foam rollers, magnesium powders PLUS group or individual stretch sessions.   Pair these with some himalayan bath salts, mini mobility balls and a rice ‘bean bag’ hot pad.
  7. New for May – MCC’s in house Naturopath will be offering rejuvenation facials that includes acupuncture, jade rolling and facial massage for better blood flow…look fresh and younger!
  8. Wellness Teas – David’s Tea has a great line of wellness teas, pair with a couple of mugs in your mom’s favourite colour and design.  My favorite teas from davids…to reduce pain tumeric glow, best indulgence – forever nuts, and a night time sweet tooth buster – organic cinnamon rooibos tea
  9. Not a fan of food or kitchen gadgets, but this one is very useful and fashionable – the instapot pioneer women vintage set
  10. A little lulu – every women wears lululemon – whether it’s to workout or to simply chill, each piece becomes a staple in the wardrobe.  Check out their latest styles – easy shipping too!

Enjoy a series of pamper packages offered for the month of May at MCC – specials on stretch classes, facials and exercise classes.