I would love to stop at the word “beach” but I know for most of us “Ontarians” summer life is at the cottage.  Whether you are here or there or somewhere, you will crave a better body in that bathing suit.  Each year I put a little spice in June, it’s the last kick at the can approach.  To get your body ready -try our 21 day Beach (or cottage) body diet.  The strategy behind this diet plan is for us to do the thinking for you!  We are providing nutrition members with 21 days of meal plan, as well as daily tips and summer strategies to keep you focused so that you can reach your goals.

The diet plan is 3 MCC meals (recipes included) and to take it up a notch we are suggesting a daily supplementation of a weight loss formulated shake for your 4th meal.  Our shake of choice is Metagenics Ultra Meal – this shake is packed with nutrition, protein, and fat, in addition, specific phytonutrients that target fat loss, the perfect combination for a winning body composition.  Ultra meal comes in different flavours and protein options, to order your shake contact MCC.

See all the meals for the diet plan in this special group…FACEBOOK MCC SUPPORT GROUP

ADD BOOTCAMP STYLE classes to sweat and push your body to the max… high intensity exercise offered SATURDAYS at 730am and Monday 615am….getter done nice and early!