Every holiday season we become bombarded with calorie ridden foods that will typically be the culprit to the 6 pounds one typically gains in the month of December.  I have put together my top 5 quick and easy recipes that can replace some of your favorite holiday meals without adding all the calories (and offering a dash of health)

Orange Cranberry Cocktail with Champagne

A night time cocktail or a brunch sangria, this drink offers holiday tastes with less than 150 kcal per glass.  Get the recipe from Food Fatih Fitness click here

Low Carb Protein Snickers Bar

the low carb lab has always put together some unique low carb recipes.  The snickers bar is a favorite because the taste is incredible but the nutritionals are great – packing about 25 grams of protein per servings while staying under 10 grams of fat.  Get the recipe click here

Raw Ginger Bread Balls

A twist on a traditional flavour.  These no bake balls from Raw Manda are both gluten free and vegan and take less than 10 minutes to prepare.  Get the recipe click here

Roasted Root Vegetables with Burrata

This winter wonderland salad can be a meal in itself or a hearty side.  Great for vegetarians, or anyone simply looking for good ingredients – creamy, warms, crunch and so much more!  Offered by the Lemon Bowl for the recipe click here 

MCC Mocked Mash

The absolute best side dish – why because it tastes like the real thing – mashed potatoes and little to no carbs.  For the recipe click here