A year from now – you will wish you started today!  So many people walk into the clinic with fear, a month later, it’s regret – why didn’t I join sooner.  There are so many thoughts that come into the mind when you are contemplating a health transformation.   It is normal to fear the unknown, never be quite ready for the change, assume success, failure, up and downs all at once!  But like most things, the anticipation is far worse than the event itself. As a New Year is upon us, the goal for many will be health related – a number on the scale, a blood test improved, a feeling that has not been felt for a while…I want to wish everyone who has this goal the best of luck, and give you a few words of advice to ensure that you make 2019 your year!

  1. Take the plunge, like the title of this blog – next year you will wish you started today.  No matter how the long the journey, how many failed attempts, – your limiting thoughts are just that, limiting!  Move forward and embrace the process, you’ve got this!
  2. Be ready for road bumps!  The stats are real – 80% of those that start a resolution in January fail by February.  The reason the odds are not in your favour are due to not embracing road bumps.  You may have a bad day, week or meal at some point on this journey – it’s OK, and it happens.
  3. You are never 100% ready – people are always waiting for the red carpet to roll out to start a new regime “I will have more time in the new year…I am starting Monday…after this event, I will start…” delay, delay, delay…note that there is never a perfect time.

Happy 2019 – this is your year to get healthy – YOU DESERVE IT!