If you are like most people, you see signs of spring as a warning that the heavy layers of clothes are close to an end – and that it’s time to take serious action about getting your body summer ready.  This year, to get you in tip top shape MCC will be offering a 6 week bikini body challenge.  Like all our challenges, our goal is to inspire you to transform – in order to do this – we are constantly researching and on the hunt for diet strategies that will facilitate your journey.  This year, our secret diet weapon is the introduction of METABOLIC TYPING…

Metabolic Typing is a nutrition strategy that has gained momentum in popularity over the past decade.  Crafted by William Wolcott and backed by health advocates like Dr. Mercola, this diet promises to burn fat, free yourself from cravings and experience high energy – all by eating according to your metabolic type.  Your Metabolic type is based on a series of factors – physical and mental balance and/or imbalances – all driven by your gene and hereditary expressions.  To determine your metabolic type, you will fill out a questionnaire that assess your autonomic nervous system characters, your body shape and your ability to oxidize nutrients.  This test along with a body composition will direct you into one of three metabolic type categories.

The three metabolic types are Type A – protein type, Type B – carbohydrate type, and Type C – mixed type.  By understanding your type – we can pinpoint the most successful diet and fitness plan.

  • best exercise practices that will target your body transformation
  • best macrobalance formula
  • most suitable eating times
  • supplements that your body is more likely to need and absorb
  • certain foods that will boost or bust your health.

Here is my take on this diet strategy – one man’s food is another man’s poison does hold validity – we see this first hand in the clinic – some patients have success on balanced eating while others need more -, some patients thrive on a hearty breakfast whereas others feel better fasting in the morning.  The diet world offers so many diets with such different theories – LOW fat is the way to go while others say FAT is the key to health.   Could all these preferences and diets be based on metabolic typing?  Possibly – maybe it’s not the diet – instead … it’s you – wouldn’t you want to know your metabolic type just so that you can direct your diet efforts on a diet strategy that is more likely to offer you success?

MCC will be launching the METABOLIC TYPING DIET with our 6 week bikini body challenge – if you want to try it out and see if this extra layer of information will boost your weight loss and health success – simply sign up.  Starting APRIL 29 start a 6 week diet & exercise journey that will transform your health.  The challenge includes

  • Metabolic Assessment – includes metabolic typing questionnaire and body composition
  • weekly one on one weigh ins with a nutritionists
  • unlimited small group training
  • once a week METABOLIC TYPING GROUP exercise and nutrition support class – that’s right meet other people in the same metabolic type and share your diet strategies and let our fitness team lead you in a metabolic type specific workout!

Sign up deadline is April 15. 

To register or learn more – simply contact MCC at 905-825-3800 or email us