With the holidays fast approaching, it is time to start thinking about gifts for our loved ones. Since we can’t exactly give the gift of health, we thought we would share with you the next best thing which is MCC’s top nutrition-themed gifts!

The Instant pot: Pressure cooking is much faster, seals in moisture and flavor, and foods can be cooked directly from frozen. Unlike pressure cookers of old which were dangerous, this new pressure cooker has 10 proven safety mechanisms. I’ve never worried about burning myself while using my new Instapot. Other things you can do with it: rice cooker, yogurt maker, steamer (veggies and more), saute pan, hard-boiled egg maker, slow cooker/crock pot.  Available at Walmart, for more details and to purchase online… click here

Deep Nutrition Book By Catherina Shanahan M.D: this book outlines the importance and results of eating a diet based on many traditional cuisines: fresh foods, fermented and sprouted foods, meat on the bone and organ meat. Shanahan dives into the genetic benefit of eating according to her philosophy (and like a pro athlete), which involves avoiding sugar, minimizing empty starches and drinking down bone broth and stock, which contain healing and connective-tissue-building compounds such as collagen and amino acids.  Purchase this book on indigo…click here

Hydrate Spark: A water bottle that glows to remind you to drink more water and celebrate when you’ve met the day’s goal, a sensor inside the bottle to automatically record how many oz. /ml you drink, syncs to an app on your phone, integrates with other fitness apps, and no charging required!  Check out the Hydrate Spark website for purchase…click here

Veggie Spiralizer  A spiralizer will melt the heart of any low carb enthusiast.  Pick up a full size if you are looking for a large gift or you can get little $10 handheld spiralizers that make a great stocking stuffer.  Don’t stop a zucchini, you can spiralize sweet potato, root veggies and more!  Large spiralizer click here  Small spiralizer click here 

Unique gift basket!  We found this local cheese shop that offers a variety of artisan cheese and gourmet food gadgets.  They do specialize in gift baskets, drop in and taste while you shop.  For location and store information click here