Let’s make changes that last with a

  HOW-TO workshop and change your relationship with food

Understand WHY you eat the foods you do

Learn how to comfort yourself WITHOUT food

Change your THINKING, change your EATING

This workshop is for you if…
  • You would rather eat an apple pie than the apple.
  • Chocolate or chips are your go-to’s when you feel stressed.
  • It’s 3pm and your craving anything you can get your hands on in the vending machine.
  • You keep eating, even when you know you have had enough.
  • Foods not on your grocery list end up in your cart ALL THE TME.

We make hundreds of choices each day, some well thought-out, some really hard ones and many just out of habit or mindlessly. Most of the time we don’t understand why we choose the foods we do to eat, even if making healthier choices is on our mind!  If you want to make lasting changes to keep that 20lbs off you lost this year or tackle your meal time thinking in order to get you to your goals this is the workshop for you!

This 2 part group program, based on the Craving Change ™ program will run

Saturday April 21st and Saturday April 28th
10am – 12pm

Cost: $200*

FREE workbook included


*May be covered by extended health benefits or health spending account, please check with your provider

**Blue Cross approved provider