Welcome to the most depressing month of the year, with the gray skies, the cold weather and all the bills paid from the holidays leaving you with little spare change, you may feel a little down.  It would be nice to take a break – head south soak up the sun and recharge, but what it that’s not an option?  MCC is here to offer its location (destination) for mini vacations!  Here are five things we are doing in February to offer you some relief from the FEB FUNK

  1. Meditation Clinics – select Tuesdays in February you can drop into Jessie’s meditation sessions.  Enjoy an hour of sweet bliss, learn how to relax the mind and become mindful of your body and thoughts.
  2. PEMF treatment – this new service has helped many members instantly recharge.  This ten-minute mat therapy uses magnetic fields to restore your cells.  Ten minutes on the mat is equal to a 2-hour nap.
  3. Couples Therapy (oops we meant to say BOXING) – for the month of love – we invite members to try Sunday morning COUPLES BOX – yes, that’s right, time to take a little stress and with who better than your partner.  For more details and to sign up for your participation, contact an MCC team member,
  4. Get Social – MCC will be hosting a ladies night in the middle of the day, as we know nights can be hard.  On Saturday, February 24 at 2-4 pm, we invite our members to join our ladies night.  Here is what you can look forward to…
    1. Hormonal Yoga – learn moves to soothe your endocrine system – thyroid, liver and chanting for relaxation
    2. Free hair consultations based on your hair texture colour and overall look you want to acheive.
    3. Get styled – clothes for real women, see some of the latest styles and learn what will compliment your figure.
    4. Aroma Bar – try some essential oils and learn what can boost your health
    5. Free non-alcoholic drinks and apps!

To register for any of our clinics and events, click here or email us info@metaboliccareclinics.com