Metabolic Care Clinics has a new years resolution too!  Our goal is to inspire!  We want to inspire as many people as we can to make a positive change with their health.  No matter how big or small the task, making a change can be tough – so instead of offering some words of wisdom, we look to inspire with real stories.  Each month MCC team and members will nominate a member that feel deserves the spotlight, the criteria is everything and anything that you feel inspires you to move in the right direction.

The first member of the month in 2019 – is not one member but a group of members – January’s Member of the Month is our Little Black Dress Team Andrea Group.  Congratulations to Andrea, Lisa, Jen, Francine, Lorraine, Katherine and Patti.  Combined, this team lost over 60 pounds, 10% body fat and although many are not at their health goal just yet, they are set to sail in the right direction for 2019!  As one of their team leaders, I saw first hand a group of women come together at one of the most impossible times (Christmas) and use the support of each other to succeed.  This team used imessage group chat to share recipes, vent when things were not going well, and team support when it was needed.  This team used their social group talks to take it up a notch, and listen to each other to push forward.  Thank you team for inspiring each other and now so many – a well deserved first member of the month!