Want to get into shape for the holiday season, now is your time…JOIN THE MCC LITTLE BLACK DRESS CHALLENGE.  This 6 week to Christmas challenge is designed to help you drop 2 dress sizes just in time to show it off!


  1. This is a GROUP challenge, this means that you will not only need to motivate yourself, you will have a team of 8 members that will be cheering for you to stick to the diet plan and push you hard in your workouts
  2. Nutrition plan is easy!  We have revised the signature MCC diet plan, enjoy new recipes PLUS weekly strategies that will take your diet habits up a notch.
  3. Unlimited exercise – participate in MCC fit, box and stretch as often as you wish!
  4. BONUS CLASS – each week you and your group will attend your designated BONUS CLASS, this will include a quick weigh in, 15 minute nutrition support talk plus a full hour of high intensity fitness – a few new elements and surprised in these classes!


  1. The challenge starts by you picking a class that you will commit to attending for the next six weeks – a maximum of 8 people can pick the same time frame, and those 8 people will be your challenge group.
  2. This group of people will exercise at least once together weekly, attend a pre-workout support talk and weigh in (don’t worry no one will know your weight!).
  3. Each week we will tally up the total weight lost by a team and that is your points for the week!  The team with the most points at the end of the 6 weeks will win.
  4. Winning team – each will receive a new BLACK MCC t-shirt for free!

There are no additional costs to join this challenge – simply sign up for nutrition + fitness for the 6 weeks, and donate an unused toy for our annual MCC giving tree.

To join the challenge please contact our program coordinator to receive more details on class times, and program fee’s – email us