Its that time of year again to get back on track.  The summer socials are behind us, and the grind of fall and all that it brings is here!  Taking a look at fall can be very scary – back to school, cold weather, colds and flus and holidays galore, with winter around the corner.  The number one reason given for weight gain is that people are too busy to watch their weight- so looking at the fall, weight loss is doomed!

If you are looking for an easy weight loss plan that requires little thinking, very little prep, than MCC360 is for you!  What does 360 mean…

  • redirection of your health – let’s get you on the right track with a simple formula
  • midsection support – nutrition solutions for this diet plan target metabolic syndrome, with special meal plans for blood sugar, blood cholesterol, and blood pressure concerns.
  • learn a new concept that requires no prep and no cost – intermittent fasting, to learn more about this old but new diet strategy, check out our current blog…intermittent fasting whats the hype?

MCC360 begins on September 17 and will run for 30 days! Sign up today with the front desk or call 905-825-3800