I have heard it so many times, a patient will tell me that they were successful on a specific program, but than got off it and gained it all back.  Not sure if it is fair to say this was successful, part of the success of a weight loss program is achieving a desired weight, the other part is to ensure results that last.  If you are looking for a weight loss program, it is crucial that it includes a formula for lasting results.

At MCC the formula is simple…

make sure the diet program transitions into a maintenance program

don’t be mistaken, there is a difference between a weight loss and a maintenance program, there has to be, there are different desired outcomes, and thus different paths.  These paths however can’t be too far apart, the weight loss program cannot be too challenging and the maintenance program cannot have too much flex.

don’t cut the cord!

many members assume that once they hit their goal weight, they never have to step foot in the clinic again.  This cannot be further from the truth, in fact this thought process will cause the participant to feel that they have failed and could cause weight gain to snowball.  Instead of cutting the cord, make sure that once you hit your goal weight you plan proactive check ins to monitor yourself.

keep raising the bar!

there is so much more to a healthy lifestyle than just numbers on the scale.  Once you hit your goal weight, raise the bar and explore methods and habits that will improve your health.  Add in another dimension of health such as exercise or mindfulness, up your exercise and join an event like a race or sport.  Explore a new diet – try a cleanse, eat clean….

We have so many members that lose their desired weight, we are happy for each and everyone of them and happy to be part of their transition.  We are most proud of members in the “one year later” club.  These are are members that have held their weight off for more than a year, and have improved their health in their “maintenance” phase.  Here are some of our “one year later” members…