GUILT – it’s a feeling that was implemented into my head from birth, and boy did it ever intensify when I had my kids.  The moment you have kids, there is this stigma that you have to turn over any life that you may once have had and devote all your time and energy to your precious little treasures.  If not, that means…you probably don’t really care for your kids…CAN THAT BE RIGHT?

This is the mom mentality, free time is a sin, and time for mom is a selfish vacuum that simply takes love, time and effort away  from our kids.  It’s like when you are on a plane, you are told in a state of emergency to ensure you get oxygen before your kids.  Why….because if you get the oxygen you are in a better state to help your child, and instead of jeopardizing both of you, you might actually all be saved.  This is no different when it comes to day to day life – moms are the family thermostat – when they are feeling happy, less stressed and healthy, this tends to spill onto the rest of the family and vice versa.  So carving out time for you will not only provide you with an award, it is indirectly saving your kids – showing them that you have integrity for your personal self worth – and that your health matters!  Have I convinced you? It’s time to pamper yourself!

When it comes to pampering, its not all about the spa experience and the mini vacations, it’s a wholistic nurturing process.  I often use the word NEW with my patients.  In order to get the full health and pamper effect, you must nurture the NEW YOU.  N – nutrition , E – exercise and W – wellness.

This holiday season, we want you to gift you, as well as any other mom or women you know – the perfect pamper wellness gift.  For the month of November and December – MCC will be offering 3 incredible low price pampering packages to soothe your mind and soul. PLUS as a bonus – for every package your purchase you will receive a FREE $100 MCC Gift Card for a new member to use towards any nutrition or fitness program.

PAMPER PACKAGE #1 BOX THE STRESS OUT – Have some bottled up stress that you need to just punch out?  Join our inhouse boxer Jon, learn proper boxing technique, a great cardio workout, sweat it, punch it, and learn how to box.  One of MCC’s most fun filled popular workouts.

PAMPER PACKAGE #2 MINI VACATION – A get away around the corner…Enjoy 4 sessions in our relaxation room on the PEMF mat.  What is a PEMF mat – 10 minutes is equal to a 2 hour nap!  Regenerate your cells, body and soul.  Great to relax, destress, rebuild and boost your mental clarity.  Each session is 12 minutes.

PAMPER PACKAGE #3 TOTAL BLISS – Let us help you reach total bliss.  Book a 30 minute reiki session with one of our REIKI masters, what is reiki?  A massage for your soul, use energy fields to move stress away from your body!  Also perform 2 yoga sessions in this package.  Try candle light, meditation, or deep stretch – experience total bliss!

We don’t want you to stall…each package is good after Christmas and valid until end of March.  PLUS for every package you purchase, you will receive a FREE $100 MCC gift card for a new member to use towards any nutrition and or fitness program.

Purchase your package in person or online