MCC Signature Program

Stabilize your blood sugar and support fat burning! Eat all your favorite foods, no pills, no gimmicks and no starvation.

Emotional Eating Kit

Learn how to overcome stress and food addiction with simple tools and strategies to support your food decision making process.

Fat Attack

This is a 2-week jump start diet that boosts your weight loss results! Includes online video tutorials and all recipe materials!

MCC Meatless Program

Thinking of eating a meat free diet? Or simply looking at new ideas to feed your family? More plant foods, lots of variety and great way to lose weight.

Past Patient Nutrition Tune Up

This 30 minute session includes a body composition and a consult with an MCC nutritionist about your overall health. 

MCC Recipes

Get inspired to cook healthy with meals that your whole family will enjoy! Enjoy hundreds of macrobalanced recipes from a series of MCC diet programs.