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Learn What, When, Where and How much to eat
Real food meal plans that are designed for a busy lifestyle


Voted Oakville’s best weight loss program year after year in the Oakville Beaver Reader Awards!  The MCC weight loss approach offers real food solutions, no gimmicks and no pills.




Increase energy
reduce fat
increase muscle mass
decrease stress
reduce pain
improve immunity
maximize recovery
tournament meal plans
hydration profile



support for
emotional eaters
mindless eaters
food addiction
food choice perception
cognitive health support



resolve digestion issues
diabetic care
boost immunity
reduce inflammation
hypertension care
cholesterol control
get your health back
feel young again
hormonal fluctuation support

MCC Nutrition Support



MCC provides a series of assessments in order to better understand the health of their patient.  Tests offered include:
Genetic Testing
Body Composition
Hormone Screening
Food Sensitivity testing
Live Blood Analysis
Nutrition profile assessment



With all your information collected a customized plan is put in place that will encompass your goals, your health and food preferences.  You will leave the first session ready to start with a meal plan and recipes.



Consistent monitoring of your progress and accountability will ensures the correct adjustments are made so that you reach your goals.  Support includes unlimited one on one weigh ins at MCC, as well as phone and online services.

MCC Nutrition Team




A graduate of Western University and Aramark’s Clinical Dietetic Internship program, Muriel supports our MCC nutrition team and weight loss patients.
As our in-house mind, body & gut health expert, she will help you navigate tricky digestive problems and uncontrollable IBS symptoms to find you relief!
Get guidance with the FODMAP diet, develop strategies to manage your emotional eating in our Craving Change ™ workshops or delve deeper into your genetic makeup with nutrition focused genetic testing.


Clinic Director – Nutritionist


Owner – Nutritionist

Best Nutritionist 2018 – Gold Award Oakville Readers’ Choice Awards

Eat Healthier

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