Aileen’s Story

Before coming into the MCC program I had a history of bad knees and a general desire to “get in shape”, as well as a desire to lose weight. After a friend highly recommended the program to me I decided to contact MCC for an initial consultation.  After my initial consultation, I felt very confident that I would be well looked after. My initial goal when starting the MCC program was to improve muscle tone, especially in my legs, so as to alleviate stress on my knees, as well as weight loss. The best part of the MCC program is the staff! Muriel and Vanessa are so very helpful and supportive, and every one of the trainers are fabulous.  They constantly and immediately differentiate for any joint pain or condition while making me push myself every single workout. They helped me recover from a knee replacement a year ago.

I feel STRONG! My weight is comfortable, and I feel very excited about the upcoming ski season – cannot wait to power down the slopes.

I always felt very encouraged and that I was in good hands at MCC. If you are thinking about joining the program… Just give it a go!*


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