Andrew’s Story

Before coming to mcc I was fairly overweight with a high body fat percentage at the age of 15 and had been this way for many years. I decided to try the mcc program with no specific goal other than to vaguely lose weight, however after taking things seriously at the start of this year, and with a goal to reach 15% body fat I began to focus. I enjoy the personalization, recommendations and customization of the program. As of today I am down 50 lbs and have 20.6% body fat with still a bit to go. Initially I didn’t take the program seriously, but when I did start to follow the program closely I was amazed by the speed of the weight loss and success in a relatively short amount of time. If you are thinking about joining the program make sure to follow the recommendations of the nutritionist. Don’t cheat too much, or “reward” yourself with food – if you’re cutting back but cheating and making exceptions on a near daily basis, you’re no longer cutting back! Make sure to attend regularly and track your progress – I like to attend at the same time every week in order to most accurately track my progress.*


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