Angela D’s Story

Before joining MCC I felt tired, bloated, grumpy and had digestive issues. I had lots of cravings for salty foods. I never drank any water. I would have a coffee in the morning and that’s it! I was about 40-50 pounds over goal weight. I have had lots of success with the program over the past few years. I have joined, lost weight and then stopped following the 30-20- 10 plan. The program teaches you how to make a lifestyle change, not using any pills or quick fixes.

When I joined MCC this time around I was at my heaviest weight. I have a number on the scale that is my tipping point. I was 10 pounds over that! I enjoy meeting with all of the nutritionists. It doesn’t matter if it’s Patsy, Vanessa or Muriel that you meet with. All the ladies are up to date on your status and what challenges you are having. They each bring their own knowledge and expertise to each appointment. They give you small goals to work on each week and check up on you with a quick email or even a phone call to keep you accountable.

This time I really enjoyed the LADS challenge and joining the boxing classes. Vanessa convinced me to join the LADS challenge at the last minute, and I really did well just before the Christmas holidays. A time when sticking to a nutrition program should be the most difficult.

I have lost 20 pounds in 4 months. During the LADS challenge I lost 15 pounds in the 8 weeks. I am doing 3-4 classes per week. I feel a lot stronger and have tons of energy. This is the very first time I brought my running shoes on a vacation… and actually used them! I still have at least 20 pounds to lose… one week at a time!

I have had a great experience every time I go back to MCC. The ladies are very professional and knowledgeable about nutrition and what plans are solid and reputable for weight loss. It’s not just about weight loss, It’s about a healthy lifestyle and overall wellness.

If you are thinking about joining…Just do it. I have learned it is never the right time to start a “diet” or plan. There is always a birthday, holiday or a girl’s night out on the calendar. You need to plan and be mindful on those days. You need to track your meals. You may think you are following the program, but when you write it down the ladies can help you see where the issues are.


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