Anne’s Story

I joined MCC a few years ago and learned a lot about nutrition and exercise.  Unfortunately, life got in the way and I stopped going, but I knew I would be back.  I always knew that this would be the place that would work for me – I just had to be ready to finally commit. This past April I found myself at my heaviest weight ever and I knew I had to take control.  Health-wise, I was doing okay but I’m not going to lie – I had moments of heavier breathing and pains I thought were in my heart.  I have two beautiful kids and an awesome husband and the thought of not being around for them because I chose not to be active and I chose to eat poorly made me realize it was time to stop making excuses.  We are all busy (I work full-time and my kids have activities 5x a week).  We all have ailments (I have a Thyroid condition).  That’s never going to change.  I figured I would start with two workouts a week and some nutrition counseling – I could definitely make this work with my schedule.  The workouts at MCC are amazing.  There’s a maximum of 8 participants and the instructor always knows your history (for example, I have arthritis in both knees so when it comes time to do lunges they have a different exercise already planned for me).  I don’t worry about injuring myself and always feel comfortable asking for help.  As for nutrition, the weekly sessions help make me accountable which was the reason I figured the 30-day challenge would be good for me.  The challenges at MCC are actually fun and the fact that everyone involved supports one another makes it even better.  It is a great way to kick start weight loss or just get back on track if you feel like you’ve let yourself go.  I always recommend MCC to friends and colleagues because the staff cares about you and they want you to succeed.  I am so grateful to everyone at MCC and I’m happy to be in the best shape I’ve ever been in.*


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