Babita’s Story

Before coming to mcc I felt heavy and wanted to focus on losing weight.  I was also noticing some digestive issues which is not something I had ever experienced so I also wanted to understand what I was eating that was causing this discomfort. My friend started with MCC over 2 years ago and she kept going for the 2 years which said to me that there is something really special about the program and the people. Once on the program I like the fitness programs, they provide a really good challenge.  I like being introduced to new foods and recipes that are based on what I can buy in the store.  It’s neat to be so much more aware of what I eat and then how it makes me feel. Today, I’ve lost 13 pounds and my body shape is changing.  I feel so much better and now I don’t have on-going digestive issues, when I do feel digestive discomfort I can think about what I ate and isolate the cause so that I can avoid in the future.  It’s also been really rewarding for me to feel myself getting physically stronger by committing to the fitness routine.

At mcc I found that it was relatively simple and with almost immediate results, it’s motivating to continue.  I like that my knowledge about eating and exercise is improving and I can see how nutrition and exercise work well together.  I’ve also been able to evolve my goals, now it is more than just losing weight; I am also interested in feeling at my healthiest through good nutrition and commitment to fitness.

If you are thinking about joing the program, you just have to commit.  Listen to your nutrition coach, be willing to try new recipes and challenges as they suggest because it makes the program fun and interesting.

Anyone currently struggling on the program, even if you have weeks that are not that great, by coming back to the program you can recover quickly from any set-backs.  When you struggle think back on the week and focus on the moments where you got it right, this way you know that you can do it.


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