Debbie’s Story


Before coming to MCC, I was overweight and did not feel good about myself – I couldn’t fit into my clothes and felt a bit down about the situation.   I needed to try something new, and when I had my consultation with the MCC Nutritionist,  I saw that it was a healthy program and one where I wasn’t going to starve on.  MCC is now part of my life.  I eat better and feel better and know that the MCC Nutritionists and Trainers have coached me well.  It’s a fantastic program and I believe in it.  It takes time and patience at the beginning to become familiar with the program, but it’s well worth it.  The recipes are great, the Nutritionists are a wealth of knowledge and always there to help you so you should attend weekly.  The trainers are fantastic and although I’ve not always been keen on resistance/core training, I think this is also a key and has worked for me.*


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