Diane’s Story

I joined MCC 4 months ago with the goal to lose weight and improve my fitness levels.. I had become an unhealthy person who just assumed that was the way to be. With busy schedules meal planning was not part of my routine. I have now realized being unhealthy is not the norm.

During my time at MCC, the support I have received has been phenomenal. The 6 am classes were a big attraction for me and now it is embedded in my daily weekday routine. The group of people we work out with each day bring fun to the morning and the music is a great wake up.

I started by following the 30-20-10 and then completed the Little Black Dress Challenge which took me into Christmas. I have surprised myself with how closely I have followed the meal plans and truly believe it has made me a healthier person overall. I have a full time job, sometimes working long days with kids in competitive sports so it isn’t always easy. Nonetheless, I have made it be part of my schedule. It was hard in the beginning as quick, convenient meals were often the norm but I managed to be diligent with meal planning. I also have issues with my shoulder and the instructors are great at suggesting modifications.

I have slowly seen improvements to my strength, balance and cardio. Overall the nutrition and fitness has been a great match for me. Looking forward my goal is to maintain my weight and continue to progress with my fitness. I do see this as a lifestyle change as there are many years ahead.



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