Eve P’s Story


When I started at MCC, I had low energy, I could not commit to a fitness program, I had very slow recovery from exercise, I had gained weight around the mid-section, and generally felt tired. Whe deciding to join MCC I took baby steps with the program, as I tend to partake in a program in spurts and then lose interest after a couple months. The constant variety and the amazing trainers at MCC have kept my interest and I find that I keep coming back. Its been a full year since I started at MCC and I am amazed that I still enjoy coming to every class. My goal was to lose the stubborn 10 pounds that I have acquired over the past few years and refuses to budge. With the body composition offered at MCC, I am now able to focus on increasing muscle and not worrying about the weight as much.

The best part about the program for me is that I feel knowledgeable about my nutrition, fitness, technique and overall very happy with my progress. I challenge myself at every class. All the members of the MCC team are friendly, knowledgeable and are happy to answer any questions that you may have. Today, I feel stronger and more healthy that I have ever been. Some new muscle definition has appeared that I have never had before.

My experience has been amazing! I love the classes, the trainers, the small class sizes, the attention to form and technique, and the variety! Each class is different and thetrainers will modify the exercise if you have any limitations. I also love my little group of friends that I have acquired over the past year.

If you are on the program and struggling a bit I would say, keep at it. Find a time that works best for you. I prefer mornings, schedule your classes, then commit. Try different instructors, they are all great, but find one that you really enjoy. Don’t focus on the scale, focus on how you feel. You don’t need to start with the heaviest weight, start small and work your way up. Speak to your trainer if you are experiencing any difficulties. They are all happy to help you achieve your goals.

Eve P.

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