Harry and Neelima’s Story


We began the program in 2008, when we were both in our 50’s. While we were both reasonably active and fit, we envisioned problems down the road, as we both had been gaining weight, albeit at a slow pace, for many years. We decided to join mcc for a few reasons. The diet program of 30-20-10 combined with our known sedentary calorie output made a lot of sense and diet control was simple to follow. In addition, the interval exercise program, which was challenging but doable, also made sense. 3 months after joing the program we had both lost weight with dramatic improvements in lean body mass and we were hooked. We enjoyed the interval training program, with a trainer making sure that you are challenged but not harmed by your physical training, and the participation of other team members. Our health today is reasonably good, given our age, and remain physically active. While there is always room for improvement, even though in the last 9 years we have been off and on the program, we have meet our physical and weight targets well. 

If you are thinking about joining the program it’s not just about weight loss, it is about being healthy and physically fit, so you can enjoy all the physical activities you like.*

Harry and Neelima H.

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