Joanne’s Story

I came into MCC on three different occasions before joining one of the best programs I have ever seen.  I sat with the staff to learn what MCC was all about. Honestly, I was thinking it must be a gimmick, a pill, special food or some over the counter magic that they were selling.  After meeting the nutritionists and learning about the program I started to trust that I was wrong.  I was happy to learn that MCC is the real deal 😊

 I was struggling with my weight, and carried an extra 25-35 lbs., and each passing year I was adding more weight.  I had good eating intentions, always worked out, but could never stay focused on my weight loss goals.  At work I would sit for 8-10 hours a day. My body was breaking down and becoming weaker as I was getting older.  In the morning I remember it would take a while to get moving without my legs and back aching.  LOL… I laugh at that now because I feel so terrific!

I joined MCC May of 2018, with my husband Rob.  We work out together and absolutely love the fun and friendly environment.  The instructors and classes are amazing, challenging, and always different.  With small class sizes the instructors can watch and make sure the exercises are done properly.  They get to know you, and really personalize your workout with modifications if needed.

The 30/20/10 method of building your meal is easy and the results are great.  The body compositions each month help you stay on track, because you can see how much you change. I compare my muscle mass, weight and fat content, and then can set personal goals for the following month.

Today I am 20+ lbs. lighter, and my legs and arms are a lot stronger than they were when I began.   MCC has taught me how to properly eat and exercise, and how to achieve my weight loss goals.  I have truly found a great place, the real deal.

Thank you MCC.  Being healthy is a wonderful feeling!


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