John H’s Story

Before coming into the mcc program I weighed 285 pounds, and was at high risk for diabetes (pre-diabetic blood sugar levels). I decided to join the program because I was referred by a friend, Sandra Witcher-Dowling, who has had great results at MCC. Upon joining MCC my initial goal was to lose weight and improve health. Get blood sugar back to a normal level.

Once on the program I realized the instructors are great! They motivate, are highly knowledgeable, and are able to modify the exercises to fit my limitations. Never thought I would attend a 6 am fitness class, but now I am a regular. Andrea is great and class members are very supportive too!

The nutrition program has helped me implement healthy food choices into my daily routine. The combination of healthy eating and regular fitness classes have been key reasons for my weight loss.

Currently I weigh 259 pounds having lost 26 pounds! My blood sugar level has return to a normal level. I feel much healthier, and have way more energy to enjoy life and be more active.

MCC has been a life changing, tremendously positive experience for me. In 6 short months, I have reached most of my health goals. I feel confident that I can reach my additional weight loss goals. This will further improve my quality of life.

-John H

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