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I am 41 years old and had my left hip replaced back in March of this year.  For the first 7 weeks post surgery my prescription for recovery was pretty simple…. partial weight baring, no twisting/stairs and a few strengthening exercises 2 times daily.  For the most part rest.  After seeing the surgeon at 8 weeks post op my new hip fused nicely with my bone so all restrictions were lifted.  I started Physio 3 times per week and incorporated massage.  I had no strength left in my left leg and very limited range of motion.  My leg was swollen and muscle atrophy set in so I had a lot of rehab ahead.  Not to mention I had to learn how to walk again.  At that time, I was a former member of MCC, work got too hectic and I no longer made the time for myself.  But knowing MCC is an extension of Physio I thought it would be a good integration for my rehab and joined up again.  My physio therapist gave me clearance because I explained the exercises are monitored and very similar to what they assigned me to do at home plus other muscles are incorporated. 

Joining MCC was the best thing I did for my rehab, it accelerated by progress and my physio therapist was blown away.  Every week I was getting stronger, better at balancing on 1 leg and my range of motion was improving.  I have Lisa and Kelly to thank because they reviewed what I was doing at Physio and incorporated the exercises into the classes I attended.  They always modified any exercises to fit my ability and gave praise me when my form was good.  With their close monitoring I felt safe because they always corrected my form to avoid other injury.  In a squat I could quickly tell if I favored one leg by Kelly tilting her head, that was a good indication I needed to apply weight to both sides.  Sounds easy but it was a challenge I had to overcome.  There were times when I got frustrated and upset with myself because I couldn’t do the exercises because of my limitations but Lisa was always there to remind me that it’s “progress not perfect”. 

Reflecting back on my journey there were 3 phases of my rehab…. Phase 1 – Rest, Phase 2 – Range of Motion and Phase 3 -Strength Training.  I am forever thankful to have incorporated MCC as my Phase 3 because I am walking again and almost pain free.. 

If you are thinking about joining the program it’s not just about weight loss, it is about being healthy and physically fit, so you can enjoy all the physical activities you like.*

Karen P.

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