Laura’s Story

Before coming to MCC I felt sluggish in body and mind, weak in muscle strength and uncomfortable in my weight which was about 25 lbs more than I am today. It was discouraging. I didn’t have the vitality and agility I wanted to have like I did before. When I saw the website, success stories and fantastic practical program that incorporated nutrition and exercise training for a life long plan for change, I was convinced. My initial goal was to lose 35 lbs but also gain strength and vitality while firming up.

I love everything about the program, especially the fantastic motivational trainers and awesome nutritionists.

I have learned so much from these amazing trainers who know how to maximize and adjust the training to your ideal individual needs and they push you just the right amount, so that you get stronger, progress well, are confident and feel full of vitality…they are aware of all your physical issues, and tailor it for your needs. They see your potential and encourage you to reach it. I wouldn’t be where I am without them. It`s all in a fun motivational positive atmosphere and I love it, they are my inspiration!!

The meal plans are simple, practical, and well packaged so they are easy to adapt to. The recipes are easy creative and delicious. No matter what problems you may be having, they are never judgmental, always have a solution, a new plan and practical suggestions. Everyone is so helpful! MCC Program is simply the best!

My health has improved greatly in that I’m so much more full of energy, have increased mental clarity and memory and I can do so much more athletically than before…heck I can outrun my previous distance easily! My weight is 25 lbs less than it was a year ago.

I’d say to look at all you have to gain in being healthy, full of vitality, and feeling great. You will lose pounds and feel empowered! Be ready to commit to it and yourself, make sure you get your spouse and Family on board. Tell them how much it means to you, and that you need their support. It’s the best lifetime plan to change your life. You deserve it!

For anyone on the program take this advice: Always: never give up hope and keep going back for new plans, strategies, advice and support…(it took me 1.5 yrs.) completely revamp your way of making meals by clearing out pantries for good choices, buying new healthy foods and experimenting with great new recipes…make and adapt your old recipes for your Family so they are a part of it too and they will feel better and proud to be a part of it…keep up with the exercise plan…any way you look at it , you are getting healthier, stronger, more aware of how to manage a lifetime nutrition and exercise action plan…so that’s a winning way of life!*


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