Lisa A’s Story

I’ve been battling my weight the majority of my adult life, and although I’ve been up and down over the years, I never really considered myself to be excessively overweight (well, until post Christmas 2016 when my weight had creeped up to an all-time high!). I’ve always prided myself on being knowledgeable on health and nutrition – however, I would have the tendency to overeat, and was a habitual late night snacker. My weight loss success in the past was mostly as a result of very restrictive diets where I often felt like I was starving, with very little focus on exercise. I used all the excuses in the book as to why I couldn’t get my weight under control; I’m too busy, I work full-time, I’m a busy mom, I’m too busy chauffeuring kids to their activities, I have no time…you know the story.

When I began at MCC my initial goal was to get my eating under control, and to start a regular exercise program. I had targeted to reach a specific number on the scale by my August birthday. I set a high goal for myself, which at the time seemed like pie in the sky, but figured I had 6 months to attempt to reach it, and I was going to give it my all.

I enjoyed The nutritional counseling that I received from Patsy and the team was very helpful. In following the principals of the plan, and suggestions on different meals and snacks, I found that I was able to feel fully satisfied, and was eating an excellent variety of foods that left me feeling full and not at all deprived. When I started the classes, I really didn’t know what to expect. I hadn’t exercised regularly in years, and felt horribly out of shape! I found both the instructors and the members to be very welcoming, supportive and encouraging, and although I initially found the classes to be difficult (I’m a whiner and complainer – ask any of the trainers!), I continued to persevere, and over time became more accustomed to moving my body and challenging myself. I enjoyed the variety of fitness classes, and started to thoroughly enjoy the aspect of exercise – which was something I can’t say that I had experienced before, and as a result increased the frequency of the number of classes I was attending weekly. I can now say I love all of the classes (I still complain – it’s in my nature!), and enjoy being challenged by the trainers to push myself beyond my comfort zone. By tracking my body composition on a monthly basis, I shifted my attention away from hitting my target goal weight number, and focused more on how my body was changing in terms of my increased muscle mass, and decreased body fat.

I can honestly say, I’m in the best physical condition of my adult life. I’ve gained so much self-confidence, I’m continuing to eat a healthy and balanced variety of food, and I have significantly more energy than ever before. I’m proud to say that I’ve lost over 40 pounds, and achieved my initial goal by mid July (a month ahead of my original target), and have now been maintaining my weight for the past few months. My fitness level has increased by leaps and bounds, and I’ve seen such positive results in how my body has responded and transformed since I’ve started. I finally realized that I needed to put myself first, and made my health and fitness a priority. The only downside to mention, is the expense in having to invest in a whole new wardrobe (which really isn’t that bad – who doesn’t love shopping!). My experience at MCC has truly been transformational, and has changed my life in such a positive and meaningful way. My only regret is that I didn’t do this for myself 5 or 10 years ago!

If you are think about joining take the leap! Embrace both the fantastic coaching and nutritional counselling that MCC can offer you. Make a commitment to the classes, and try to attend on a regular basis – even if it’s just a few times a week to start. “Every journey begins with a single step…”

-Lisa A

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