Lorraine’s Story


I hadn’t tried to lose weight for a very long time as I had lost faith that I would be able to keep it off. I didn’t like to have my picture taken as I didn’t like to see how overweight I was. I have always had lots of energy but noticed that I was starting to get breathless walking up stairs and bending over. My knees were also starting to hurt. I turned 50 in 2013 and have lots of plans for my future that involve being active so I began to start thinking about exercise and diet changes.  Colleagues at work raved about the program and I could see the results they were having. I liked the combination of exercise with nutrition support, as I know changes were required in both.  Since starting I have lost close to 50 pounds!   The exercise classes are fantastic. It is nice to have a variety of personal trainers and always different classes. I love the variety of equipment that we use. Working out with others helps me stay motivated. I really enjoy meeting with the Nutritionist to learn more about healthy eating. I’m amazed that I’m full all of the time and not even tempted to overeat. I used to live on fast food and now I don’t even think about it. I’m cooking more than I ever have and love the variety of food that I’m eating. I love the body measurement system. It is great to see the change over time to body fat and muscle. The MCC system really works and it is so easy!*


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