Mike’s Story


Before coming to MCC  my health was ok… Not as bad as a Toronto Maple Leaf mid-season collapse, however definitely trending in the wrong direction….I could feel my energy level dwindling along with my confidence levels.  My weight has always been just a number to me, however based on how I felt in my clothes; I knew something needed to be done!  I saw the success of one of my friends had with the support of mcc, and decided to give it a try.  After my first consultation I knew it was a no brainer: the relaxed atmosphere, the personalized nature, combined support and education that was accessible thought the website as well as in person.  The two major components that I love about MCC is that you are eating REAL food and that the MCC support model can be tailored to your personal needs.  To sum it up my MCC experience has been the most Amazing and Frustrating experience of my life….Amazing with respect to all the support that is available from MCC (counselling, fitness, meal planning, etc) and how simple, yet effective the program is.  Frustrating in the fact that I’ve gone 20+ years battling my weight and I never once reached out to someone like mcc to help. I guess better late than never!   Stop making excuses why you shouldn’t join and ask for some help.  Take time to understand why you are looking for help and what your motivators are to stay with the program. Inevitably you are going to have some bad weeks (that’s life) and having a clear understanding of those things that will keep you motivated to stick with it.*


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