Pam’s Story


A few years ago, I stopped looking in the mirror other than that quick check in the morning and I worked hard to avoid being in photographs.  And every time there was an event, I struggled to find an outfit that I felt good in.  My poor husband waited many times for me to change again and again and I’d still be unhappy about how I looked and felt.

Enough was enough in November after rushing about to find something pretty to wear to a large family event and feeling discouraged with every dress I pulled off the rack.

I’d heard about MCC in the community and knew someone who was a member.  But I had no idea when I opened that front door that this amazing and supportive environment was right there waiting for me to walk in.   I started my journey within days of my initial consultation with Patsy – both the nutrition and the fitness programs – and I’ve never looked back.

Lisa, Shari, Andrea, Connor, Kelly, Karen, Jonathan – all bring their gifts to Functional Fitness and Stretch classes.  Small classes and incredible one-on-one attention focused on what I need to get strong physically and mentally.  And my classmates rock!  We are like-minded individuals who support each other’s wins and challenges.  You can’t have too many good people in your life and these people are the best!

I never thought I would be able to say in 4 months that I have transformed into someone who is happy to be in photographs (and some selfies) and happy to be able to shop my closet again.  I love how I feel inside and out these days.

The best thing you can do for yourself and those important people in your life is to get strong and healthy.  At MCC, you will be part of something that is amazing and that will change your life forever.  You are worth it!



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