Sonia M’s Story


Before starting MCC, I felt that like I had no more motivation to lose the last pounds left on my weight loss journey.  I was discouraged with all other options I pursued.  It just wasn’t connecting for me.  I needed something different.  I need to be inspired again.  I heard about this program from a friend and it seemed like something I would enjoy.  I have lost my last ten pounds and am keeping it off!  I love the body comp focus versus just weight loss.  I love the recipes. I never felt like I was missing anything.  I love the workouts.  The instructors do such a great job in tailoring them to the individuals even a group session.  I love the holistic approach of nutrition and exercise all in one.  I have already reached out to a number of friends to share with them my own experience as I feel they would truly benefit from this program.  I told them all that the combination of nutrition and exercise really helps provide the focus and knowledge required to become your best.  I was so inspired with this program that in the New Year I received approval from the company I work with to launch a 4 week program for all of our associates during lunch hour in our office.  Everyone wants in on what I am doing.*

-Sonia M

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