Tatijana’s Story

I remember the first time I walked through the doors of Metabolic Care Clinic and asked, “So, What’s this all about?!” Joining MCC was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself! I can’t express enough how it has changed and continues to change my life both mentally and physically whether I’m participating at clinic or simply on my own based on all the valuable knowledge I gained throughout the years. I have to admit that when I’m at the clinic I feel more accountable & it’s a great way to keep pushing myself. I get excited whenever I mention Metabolic Care Clinic to anyone; I have achieved success through each program that I have tried with guidance from Nutritionists and to help boost that furthermore, the Fitness Trainers show me the proper form and techniques to achieve optimal results.

In the beginning, I had lost 52 lbs over a span of 7 months which was primarily due to nutrition and whenever I incorporated fitness classes, my body achieved the toned look I was striving for. I had maintained my ideal body weight for about a year by easily following what I learned. Life can get in the way and it did at some point for me as well. I was deflated with whatever was going on at the time, but eventually I pulled through it … slowly on my own pushing myself to practice again what I learned and by reminding myself that I worked so hard to get to where I was prior to the downfall and to not give up so easily just because of a bump in the road on this path of life. I also felt that going back to the very place that started my success story, would help me rise up quicker … there is always new and exciting research available ~ MCC is constantly evolving.

Most recently, I participated in a new challenge called Metabolic Typing (based on a survey, I was classified as Mixed with a Carb Tendency). I worked together with great team members by sharing helpful tips, encouraging and supporting one another both in our group meetings and in our group chats via Healthie app. We named ourselves the Mighty Carb Crushers (in honour of MCC and the fact that our bodies crush those carbs). At the end of the challenge it was even more exciting, because my team placed first and I placed first overall. Even if I wasn’t the winner of the challenge, I truly feel like I already won on several levels … I am much better (mentally, physically) since I got back on track, I am a couple weeks away from achieving my personal best weight goal and I have met more wonderful people along the way. *


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