Tatijana’s Story


My health had been ok, I was eating for the most part healthy, but my weight was going up!  One day I walked into MCC to get more information, I received a free consultation, the nutritionist was very approachable and answered all my questions, I was excited and quickly hooked!  I am now close to 40 pounds lighter, I know how to eat and have added exercise to my life. I enjoy pretty much everything about the program … I love the variety and taste of the easy to make recipes from both the binder (that was given to me at the start of my journey) and online, which I have access to at any time of the day or night. I love that all recipes are simple grocery items ~ I was already pretty much eating these foods, but the key is the combination of foods & portion size. I am not limited to just recipes in the binder and/or online, because I have gained knowledge about and I am learning how to choose food from restaurant menus if I go out to eat or anywhere at any occasion. I look forward to meeting with Vanessa 2x week (this amount suits my schedule) ~ we discuss my progress and she teaches me new nutritional concepts and ideas, which I apply to my daily routine. If I have any questions at any time, I can simply email Vanessa and she responds straight away. The program is very easy and straight forward.*


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