The William’s Story


“We both have busy lives, with family work and various interests.  We often were tired, too heavy and Karin in particular had mobility issues.  Our goal is to retire in the next five years and wanted to ensure that we would be able to live a healthy, active retirement lifestyle.  We knew people that had been very successful with MCC, and decided to give it a try!  Today we are both half way towards our weight loss goal.  It is really encouraging to hear all the compliments we are receiving!  Going through the program together makes it easier, we keep each other honest, especially in moments of potential weakness.  For those that are struggling on or off the program I recommend : Just persevere. We have had challenging weeks with little or no weight loss, but continued the program If you fall off for a meal (or even a weekend), get back on the program as soon as you can. Sure you can’t eat everything you want or in the quantities you may want, but the end result is so worth it!*

-The Williams

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