Belly Blaster diet is a diet MCC created and has been a long time favorite with our clients.  Why? It hits all the sweet spots that a diet should have: see the top 5 reasons why the belly blaster will have you killing it on the scale!

#1 Nutrition first

so many diets are about number crunching, and you lose sight of the true nutrition value of the food.  Belly blaster first focus’ on the WHAT to eat, outlining foods that will boost and bust your health.  Boosters include dark leafy greens, vibrant reds, super fibres and satisfying oils.  Bust foods include unknown intolerances that the big S -sugar.  By eating nutritious foods you will crave less than on a diet that focus’ on just the numeric value of the food.

#2 Frequent meal times

The belly blaster diet has you eating 5 times a day, this is a hidden gem for those that like to eat but more for those that don’t eat that often.  Getting in the habit of eating frequently will stop any ripple effects of starving then binging.  It will be a walk in the park to stick to portions with the frequency of the meals.

#3 No wheat and no dairy

Everyone cringes at this recommendation, and I don’t use the “no wheat and no dairy” as a blanket approach for weight loss, but it’s a great challenge to commit to!  Try avoiding these two suckers for 30 days and after that…you can be the judge…do you feel better? less bloated? is your belly fat really blasting away?

#4 A smoothie a day

Smoothies are a great way to get an injection of nutrition fast.  Check out this month’s blog 3 simple smoothie recipes for weight loss for some insight on how to make a healthy smoothie.

#5 No cook meal options

Let’s call it as it is, most of us drop diets because of time commitments.  The belly blaster offer no cook meal options.  You have the flex to cook as much or as little as you wish!


To get the whole BELLY BLASTER diet, meal plans and recipes contact Metabolic Care Clinics at 905-825-3800.  Our team can email you the plan, coach you on the phone or you can receive one on one coaching at the Metabolic Care Clinics.

RAMP UP your results by joining the BELLY BLASTER challenge: includes the diet plan, one on one coaching, fitness classes and wellness sessions…8 week challenge is for members only and winner get $300! (see clinic for details).  Challenge starts APRIL 17 – that’s right after the Easter weekend.  Sign up deadline is April 13.