I see the panic every year.  Vacation time is coming and those trying to lose weight are afraid that all their earnest efforts will be wiped out with a week away.  Yes, this can be alarming, but trust me, take a deep a breath, relax and keep calm.  Your vacation is your time to recharge, and your health can still stay in check.  Here are my top tips to ensure that your health does not get compromised on your march break vacation

#1 – RELAX you’re on vacation: vacation is a moment in time that you remove yourself from your day to day routine and do something that gives you clarity, whether you are lying on a beach, skiing on a mountain or touring a city, it is something different from your day to day grind.  This in itself is relaxing.  Your body will feel rewarded and your cortisol levels will drop.  This will reduce water retention and stubborn fat accumulation.  If you are one of those people puzzled as to why you go away, eat more and lose weight, it probably means you have lots of stress and that is one of your main catalysts to weight gain.

#2 GET MOVING– knowing that a vacation is a time to recharge, think beyond the time away and go out of your way to recharge your body.  Make it your mission that each and every day on vacation you move more, relax more and laugh more.  I work out at home on average 4 times per week, but I workout every day on vacation!  I move more, whether it be going to the gym, taking up a beach side activity, yoga by the pool, taking a tour that involves walking…I make moving a mission.

#3 DON’T WORRY ABOUT GETTING YOUR MONEY’s WORTH – So many of us go to an all inclusive and make it our mission to get our money’s worth, we drink more in a week than we would in a year, and indulge in food that is most of the time average at best.  Instead of opting to get your money’s worth in the food and drinks, try to get it in hospitality: play the sports, participate in the nightly entertainment, go scuba diving, enjoy a spa!

#4 DRINK AND EAT MORE…OFTEN – stay hydrated: cold or hot vacation, make sure you are drinking your water needs.  Pack a bottle so that you can refill as needed.  Even food, most people that go on vacation eat 3 large square meals.  Breaking up meals with healthy snacks will control your blood sugar as well reduce your per meal consumption.  If you can, bring little food helpers: protein bars and healthy baked goods to tie you over.

#5 COME BACK AND REGROUP – don’t allow your vacation meal plan to spill over into your day to day life.  As soon as you get back into your routine, sharpen up your diet to prevent a spill over or a guilty binge fest.  Give yourself three days of regrouping: keep a food journal, up your liquids and fibre.  Remember at this time your body will be craving more vacation and sugar, calm that inner voice by regrouping and getting back on track.