The dreaded muffin top is the single most complained about part of a women’s body!  The muffin top belongs to the belly family, so to rid the muffin top the diet principles need to support the belly.  Although there is no such thing as spot reduction, the mid section is closely linked to specific diet and lifestyle habits.


Alcohol is a pure sugar, and it the preferred sugar to feed the gut.  A drink will raise your insulin levels, and if you do have a big belly – your insulin is probably pointing in the direction of resistance, this means that your insulin is more likely storing vs burning fat


Cortisol is your STRESS hormone, if it’s chronically elevated, meaning that you constantly live a fast pace life and are go-go-go, than your cortisol is probably always heightened.  High cortisol will feed the belly fat and cause the kidneys to retain water.   How do you bring down cortisol – you are not gonna like the answer, as there is no magic pill, instead it’s the incorporation of stress reducing exercises.  To learn more about the stress effect and methods to reduce stress, check out some of our past blogs…STRESSED ABOUT BEING STRESS and the importance of PAMPERING YOURSELF.  MCC WANTS TO HELP YOU LEARN TO LOWER CORTISOL…CHECK OUT A MOTHER’S DAY SPECIAL, OFFERING 3 STRESS BUSTING TREATMENTS FOR $25!!!  FOR ALL THREE!!!  Get your mom, or you a great gift by calling 905-825-3800 or email us!


Someones the muffin top can be mistaken for a bloated belly.  There are certain foods that will bloat – gassy veggies like brocoli, chewing gum and carbonated water.  You may also need to support your gut with healthy helpers including enzymes, probiotics and fibre.


So first cut out the dehydrators, such as alcohol (as mentioned above) and too much caffeine.  Hydration is all about quantity and quality, make sure you are drinking adequate fluids in the day (2L is the general standard) and ensure the beverage is pure and clean – water being the ultimate drink!  If you want to boost your water power, you can throw in some great fluid movers such as lemon, lime, cayenne and/or apple cider vinegar.

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