When assessing someone’s dietary intake… a weekend day looks very different than a week day. It seems silly that the number one concern for diet failure is time, yet when one has this, they don’t make the best of it. Leading into our first long weekend of the summer, let’s set the “health tone” and transform the fear of overindulging to becoming a weekend warrior…

When more comes in, more has to go out, ramp up your exercise this weekend. Set a plan to exercise EACH day of the long weekend even if the only time available is ten minutes. Use your Canadian elements – lake swimming, trail walks, hikes, organize a sport event if you are at a picnic with family, enjoy the outdoors…it has been a long winter!

it’s ok to enjoy a drink from time to time – the goal, however, is not to overindulge! Most alcoholic drinks pack 200 kcals per serving, not to mention wreak havoc on your blood sugar. On the flip side make it a priority to up the water…not only will this kickstart a good habit, there are so many metabolic benefits – water flushes the body, keeps cells strong for better metabolic performance

and reduces your hunger!

this is the first of many BBQ weekends – instead of hot dogs and hams – that are high in calories, opt for shrimp and chicken kabobs, grilled veggies and grilled fruit. While you have the barbecue on throw a few chicken fillets on for future consumption – it’s an easy way to meal prep for the week when the heat is still on the burners!

Use the long weekend to meal prep – it doesn’t have to be so traditional as making meals – instead use the time to clean the pantry, organize the fridge, start a garden, freeze some local fruits, purchase a cooking gadget, or open your healthie app and search for a new recipe.