Woohooo!! Week 1 is done!!!  Although it was a challenge to transitioning from your normal eating habits to a Paleo diet, you now have the motivation to keep going, only if it weren’t for those pesky carbohydrate craving testing your will power.

no grains

It is completely normal for you to be craving carbohydrates at this point. The key is to make sure you don’t allow yourself to have grains. This craving will pass as long as you resist the urge to eat bread, rice and other grain products.  The more grains you have the more your body will want.  In order for this carbohydrate craving to go away you need to keep avoiding grains and here are some great GRAIN FREE, yet satisfying options to help you navigate through your carbohydrate cravings.

  1. Spaghetti Squash with your favorite sauce- this hearty recipe will satisfy any cravings you have for pasta and rice.
  2. Ground meat dish – chili, meat loaf, meat balls, and hamburgers. Increasing the protein will help you feel full and will help you to avoid nibbling on bread.
  3. Sweet potato– baked, stuffed, roasted and mashed. Sweet potatoes satisfies your hunger and makes your meals feel substantial.
  4. Cauliflower- mashed, baked, steamed, pizza dough option
  5. Zucchini– made into lasagna, pasta noodle, grilled
  6. Mushrooms– grilled and sautéed
  7. Nuts and seeds– ground into nut butter, soaked overnight in water – nuts and seed are a great alternative to grains and they can be used for all kinds of recipes and snacks.
  8. LIVE products– grain free seed based products- bagels and cookies, need I say more?
  9. Flax seed milled– one minute wrap, fibre bowl, quick muffins
  10. Almond flour– muffins, breads- any type of muffin, almond flour or not, feels like you are cheating, and this will definitely give you the sensation of having a carb filled muffin!!

Your Turn: Which option are your going to try? How did it make you feel and did it help satisfy your grain cravings? Do you have anything that has helped you withstand the carb cravings?